Sheet Music

The opening pages of all compositions marked with [score sample] are available for viewing. In the case of song cycles this applies only to the opening song of the set.

The scores are all in print and may be ordered direct from the composer Michael Robinson [email]

The full list of Michael Robinson's compositions since 1960, with comments, is provided on the Compositions page of this site.

Works marked [CD] are also available on CD - further details on the Compact Discs page.

  • A Child's Vision of Night - for soprano and pianoforte (1964). Vocal Score. [score sample] [CD]
  • Three Settings of Thomas Hardy - for baritone and pianoforte (1975). Vocal Score.
  • Duo for Violin and Pianoforte - Score plus Violin Part (1978). [score sample]
  • Three Settings of W.B. Yeats - for tenor and pianoforte. Vocal Score (1979). [score sample] [CD]
  • A Pretty How Town - for baritone and eight instrumentalists (1983). Full Score.
    (To hire score and parts, consult composer by e-mail.) [CD].
  • Phoenix - for oboe and pianoforte (1988). Score plus Oboe Part. [score sample] [CD]
  • Three Songs about Love - for baritone and pianoforte (1994). Vocal Score. [score sample] [CD]
  • Blessed Art Thou, O God, - wedding anthem for unaccompanied double choir (2001). Score. [score sample]
  • Four Sonnets for soprano voice and pianoforte (2008). Score. [score sample]
  • Fantasia on phrases of Farstein Valen for pianoforte (2010). Score. [score sample]